e-NABLE3D Printed Prosthetics

In our society we have consistently made leaps and bounds in the zones of technology. While there is a lot of focus on the materialistic aspects of technology, the medical industry has also benefited greatly. e-NABLE is a strong and caring community whom focuses on creating 3D mechanical hands.

Now these are not for Halloween costumes or jokes, children and grown adults (for whatever reason) lose their limbs for a variety of reasons. Essentially this started out as an idea to help one child in specific… then it grew into a worldwide movement.

Production Process

There are a variety elements in which makes this entire community of individuals that makes this possible. Before stepping into the manufacturing details, it is important to understand the amazing people that are the backbone of this organization.


  • University professors
  • Occupational therapists
  • Designers
  • Parents
  • Families
  • Artists
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Engineers
  • Tinkerers, 3D print enthusiasts
  • Volunteers who simply want to help make a difference.


In order to produce 3D printed fingers and hands takes a lot of time, resources, and willpower to help as many individuals as possible. Initially the engineers create a hand casting in order to figure out specific measurements and other details for fitting purposes. The items that are used can be found at local craft stores and are completely safe (excluding allergies).

  • A form of “Instamold”
  • Strong cast plaster
  • Measuring cup
  • Wire whisk
  • Mixing container
  • Another mixing container that you never plan on using again


The current designs are approved by Creighton University, which is a credible source to believe without hesitation. Each device is created with great attention to detail, safety precautions, and individual at mind. Once you (r your loved one) has received their hand device, it is recommended to inform your family physician as well. It is vital to ensure that if for any reason the user begins to experience any discomfort, redness, soreness/aches, etc., to consult with a licensed medical professional immediately. This does not take away any credibility to e-NABLE by any means. It is an extra layer of cushion so to speak ensuring the users well-being is always kept in mind.


This is going to be a shocker to some of you so be prepared. Prosthetic limbs from stereotypical health insurance programs cost upwards to a few thousand dollars. However, this is not your stereotypical insurance company or organization.

e-NABLE has the ability to create, print, and assemble these hand devices for absolutely free to the users. Not a single penny is asked from the individuals and/or families who are in need of an e-NABLE hand device. On average, the materials listed earlier (and more) can cost between $20-$50 per device. To completely assemble the hand device normally costs $50-$150. To families who have endured unfortunate situation

Get Involved

What makes the era and generation in specific so special, is that we are more eager to help others without a reason. Some of us (not all unfortunately) don’t care to know exactly why someone can’t pay for his or her own medical bills. If we see someone in need of help, then that is all we need to know. e-NABLE is an organization that we should all take part in for the sake of humanity. To view more detailed information about the association you can visit here at your earliest convenience.

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