DJI Phantom 4 Review : One of the Smartest Drone Available

Are you looking for the best and easy to fly a drone? DJI Phantom 4 is there for you. Well finished and polished white colored drone with great features is available in the market. There are two main key areas in which this drone device stands out from other ones available in the market. The key features are automated flight controlling system and the obstacles avoidance system. Don’t think of it to be a fully automated drone. But somehow it is an easily automated device which you can fly with an ease.

The new Phantom 4 looks similar to its predecessor Phantom 3. But there are two major key features in the newer version which are object detection and avoidance. It means that this device will be easy to use for anyone whether the person is skillful or not. It will allow your device to miraculously stop colliding with trees and obstacles on the way to the final destination. Well, you will start thinking that whether it is the best sensing device. In reality, the obstacles detection feature only works in the forward direction. It means that obstacle detection will work only if you are going forward because there are front cameras which detect objects to save your drone from. They will only direct you about obstacles if you are moving in straight line, if you move your drone left or right. Then there are no chances to save your drone from a crash with the tree or any obstacle.

Features Of DJI Phantom 4

Besides the collision detection feature in DJI Phantom 4, there is another feature which is known as TapFly. Well, this feature will allow you to use any of your touch screen for directing your drone towards any particular direction. It means that if you want your drone to reach any particular position, then simply touch that place from the touch screen and TapFly will do the rest for you. The altitude of the drone can be managed through the horizontal line and to avoid from obstacles collision detection system is there for you.

The other features of Phantom 4 include sports mode. This is the best feature which you will ever see in any drone device. This sports mode will allow you to record video with the top speed of 45 miles per hours means 20 feet per second. There will be some glitches in the video while recording in sports mode, but somehow it would be a great fun experience to shoot any cyclist or running person with this drone. This mode can be utilized by film or TV makers to shoot chasing scenes of the film.

There is one disadvantage of using sports mode is that your battery in Phantom 4 will start to drain much quickly than the normal mode. There is one thing most important to tell you that in sports mode the collision avoidance feature will not work. So, keep this in mind while driving your drone with the speed of 45 miles per hour. If you are an experienced pilot, then this is surely a great feature to play with.

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