Crystal Disk Info Software – Hard Drive Test Software For Windows

Do you want to ensure whether your hard disk is healthy or not? Do you want to know how many hours your hard disk life is? All these questions can be answered by using one tool which is Crystal disk info software. It is a utility program software which will provide detailed information about your hard disk performance. The software uses a protocol named as S.M.A.R.T which is included in all hard disks of recent computers. This software will provide detailed comprehensive information report about your hard disk including a number of details like your drive currently temperature and its running duration.

Crystal Disk Info software will also behave as an alarm if your hard disk is overheated or getting increment in the failure rates. This feature will allow you to make the backup of your important data from HDD so that your data is safe.

User Interface

The user interface of Crystal Disk Info software is straightforward and easy to understand for intermediate level computer users. The dashboard will show a list of up-to-date system data along with details about your HDD like temperature and health status. Everything is in front of the user and there are not many options available to tweak. The values which you get in the list of system data is also not explained separately. But overall, the user interface is pretty clear and provide detailed information about our hard disk.

Pros Of Crystal Disk Info

There are many advantages of using crystal disk info software in your computer system. Here are few of them explained below.

Alerts & Options

There are a number of options and alerts which you can set according to your needs in the software. For example, you can configure the software to notify you by alerts if any problem occurs in the event which is being monitored. If you want to hear the alerts sounds, then you can turn on the feature of sound alerts. There is another option available for your feasibility which is mail alerts. By using this feature, you will get notified by mail alert whenever any problem occurs in the system. You can tweak the settings to adjust the refreshing rate of program data. In options, you have the facility to select the duration of the program to start after your system restarts or startup. If you don’t want the program to run in the background to detect any failure, then you can also turn off this feature.

User-Friendly Interface

The other advantage of using crystal disk info is that its interface is user-friendly. At the top of the dashboard screen, you will be able to see health status and computer temperature. However, at the lower part of the software window. There will be a list of all the information program is gathering.

Cons Of Crystal Disk Info

The only disadvantage or con of this software is that there is no explanation of the data which is displayed in the software. Also, there is no help feature to help you out with the software.

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