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Computers and information technology, as said in the previous posts of this forum, are on a road of constant advancement. They have changed the way we live; we interact with one another and with the inanimate world. But there is no stop to this at all. The technology continues to grow more and more. Recently there are some news on technology which are totally unexpected. The computers are going a whole new way and in the coming years the notion of computers will be totally changed. The companies like Apple, Samsung and LG are researching to make the computers able to think, behave and react like the human brain. The newest update on this is the research being conducted by the Qualcomn Engineers. They are developing a computer chip able to ‘think’ beyond its programming and react to external stimuli according to it.

Another new technology that will be available soon is the HP sprout. It will totally revolutionize the concept of a digital work station. It will have an over-head projection camera to detect the hand and finger motions and gestures and transform them in to commands to act according to them. The idea being adopted here is not a new one but will totally revolutionize the way we interact with the computers and the way they do with us.

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The next important research is going on the ultra-HD display systems. People at Samsung are trying to make displays capable of displaying movies and graphics in the stunning 8K resolutions. This will make you feel whatever you see on the screen of your laptop or home cinema. The computers are not only getting better in display but also in their processing power. The computing abilities of modern age processor are beyond human perception. The latest computers can execute as many commands in a second as we had never imagined.


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Yet another field of technological advancements is the Virtual Reality. This thing is getting increasingly popular. The VR makes you actually live what you are seeing. VR is gaining fame in games, movies and other related fields. VR is probably the future of everything from architecture to gamming.

But despite all the efforts, no machine can be made flawless. Errors do occur in the hardware and software of the computers. Repair technology is also advancing with the advancement of all other types of the technology. The companies are developing means to repair the computers by the computers. Hardware repair is something even more complicated than making the hardware for the first time. The robots are being given training to do this job precisely and accurately.

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