CES 2017 – Sleeping Gadgets

Technology world is blazing and all tech companies are preparing to present and announce their gadgets and devices on CES 2017 which is going to be held at Las Vegas. This year CES (Consumer Electronics Show) has come with something new and different. After long period of 50 years Night gadgets have made their place in the show. It seems like this time CES is going to be more a show of sleeping gadgets supporting sleep and rest of consumers. Here we bring some of the sleeping gadgets that are seeming masterpieces of technology.

Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed:

Yes, it’s true; the smart bed. This smart bed is specially designed to make each nap and moment of consumer’s sleep comfortable and relaxed. This bed automatically tracks the body position and adjusts itself to make the sleep more comfortable and snoring free. It also warms the feet to make sleep relaxed. Alarm can also be set and this bed is connected to the phone through Sleep IQ app to set reminders and alarms. This bed also uses scheduler and user will be able to schedule the sleeping routine.

Nightingale Smart Home System:

This smart device plugs into the socket and starts its working to make the sleep deep and noiseless. Noise pollution is one of the most important factor in disturbance and insomnia. This bed turns the whole room in the layers of waves that produce sound, comforting the whole room environment and tackling all the noise. It gives noiseless, comfortable and tight sleep.


Silent Alarm:

Alarms often abruptly break the sleep and disturbs the sleeping person, studies show that abruptly awakening from sleep can be dangerous and can affect the nervous system. The replacement of old alarm is invented by scientists and named as Silent alarm. Silent alarm gently rings and awakens you without disturbing you or making you angry.

Smart Lights:

Who doesn’t love the sunrise and rising sun’s sweet gradual light. Mostly during rainy season and in icing cold winters we cannot see the sunlight and sometimes that can cause waking up late, because without seeing a sunrise we do not wakeup. As the solution of this artificial lights has been invented. These artificial lights gently give you a real feel of sunrise in your room. These lights mimic like golden orange shaded light of rising sun.

Fitness Trackers:

Sudden awakenings from deep sleep and shocks in sleeps are a problem and sometimes the sleeping person doesn’t notice it. These fitness trackers count number of times the wearer awaken in sleep at night. These trackers will also check the heart beat rate of wearer 24/7 and keeps its record to make suggestions according to the wearing person’s health.


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