CCleaner Review : A Free Registry Cleaner

If you have purchased a new system, then you will be amazed after seeing the boosting performance of your system. You will think that it is far better than the previous computer I had. But after installing a bunch of software programs in your computer and removing the unwanted ones. Also after surfing the internet for few months. The number of temporary files will be stored on your hard drive and your registry will be full of erroneous entries. Now, in order to make your computer fast and furious back. You will need to perform a system cleaning process. There are plenty of software programs available in the market from which CCleaner is the best free tool available. In this post, we will briefly review the software and its advantages and disadvantages.

CCleaner is the best one from several available registry cleaners. There are three main features due to which it is the best registry cleaner available.

Cause No Problem In Windows Registry

The first good reason due to which you should use this as your default registry cleaner is that it will never cause any problem whatsoever in the Windows Registry. It is the common but unique feature which not every registry cleaner has.

It’s Completely Free

The next main feature or reason due to which you should choose CCleaner as your registry cleaner software because it is available for free of cost. It is also available for all the different versions of Windows operating system.

Portable Version

The next feature or good reason to choose this registry cleaner is that there are two installation methods available for this. The first one is the regular installation setup which comes with every software. The installer will include an option to install Google Chrome too on your computer. However, the second one is the portable version of the software. It means that you will not need any installation in order to use this software.

Pros Of Using CCleaner Registry Software

Here are the few reasons or advantages of using CCleaner registry software. The software itself is lightweight and doesn’t consume too much space in your computer system. The downloaded setup is also of 6mb only. There are multiple options available to install the software. This program will keep the important cookies and don’t delete them like webmail logins. It is available also as an application in Android platform.

How To Use CCleaner

The installation process is simple and easy as well as the using process. After running the software, click on the registry icon which will be on the left side of the program window. Now, in registry cleaner tab make sure that all the checkboxes are checked. Now click on the button for scanning your registry files. The software will start scanning your system registry files. Wait until it reaches 100%. After scanning, click on fix selected issues. After that click on Yes when a dialog box appears with the question for creating the backup for changes in the registry. Select the location where you want to store the registry file and click on Save. Now next screen will appear, click on the button Fix all selected issues. After the process is done click on close to close the program.

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