Bowers & Wilkins P5 Wireless Headphones Review

Are you looking for the best wireless headphones? Then in this post, I will tell you one of the best affordable headphones with great quality. Bowers and Wilkins are not known for the best quality products. But the company has decided to introduce themselves in quality products by introducing two high-quality models of wireless headphones.


If you can afford them, then these are the best one for your ears. There are two different models of B & W headphones in Amazon Store. The first one is available for the price of $285 known as P5 Series 2 headphones which are not wireless and the second one is costly than the predecessor and available for the price of $395 because it’s wireless. Both of them are equally good in sound quality and built quality. There is not much difference in both models.

Design And Features

They are made with the premium material. The hand band is elegantly stitched and leather is used as a material. The band is topped off by B&W logo and matte-finished driver housings stamp. The ear cuffs are soft and black in color. Leather material is used in ear cuffs. They are designed with class and you will never get afraid to wear them for hours. You can easily enjoy using them for hours without any hassle. The weight of headphones is 213 grams. The wireless version had 18 grams more than the wired one. The extra weight in wireless version is due to its battery and other electronics used in them.

Sound Quality

In such price, the quality of sound has to be spot on because you are spending too much for this. But there is no need to worry about. The headphones sound great. If you like playing bass-loaded tracks and want to enjoy them. The B&W P5 will never lack quality and produce great bass. There is a satisfactory amount of thump too. You can play almost any track in them and they will let you enjoy those tracks without any issue. The sound will be crisp and clean as natural.

If you love watching movies on smartphone and laptops. Then let me tell you that video sound quality is also impressive. You will get better sound as compared to your primary speakers in laptop or smartphone.

Who Should Buy?

The question which arises in mind is that who should buy these wireless headphones with such a high price tag. If you are not a music lover, then you should not waste nearly 400$ on anything for your head. But if you are a music lover and you cannot live without listening quality music. You also have a lot of money to spend on headphones. Then these are the best quality headphones available in the market.

Pros And Cons

Let’s discuss the pros first. The headphones are loud and impressive bass quality. The build quality is excellent and is comfortable for large heads too. The battery life is also long lasting. The cons are that it is too expensive.

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