Best Way To Optimize Your Android Smartphone

The performance of almost every android smartphone starts to diminish after some time of usage. If you are using a smartphone and the device is not responding as it was doing in the past. Then you need some tips to optimize the performance of your android smartphone. Follow these steps and you will notice an improvement in the performance of your phone.

Knowledge About Device

The first tip to optimize your phone is to know about your device. You should know about the capabilities and limitations of your device. Because if you have no knowledge about mobile, then you will make it overburden by installing resource hungry applications. This will in return decrease the performance.

Always Update Android Version

Google update its android version consistently to improve the overall performance and ability of the OS. You should check for updates frequently. If there is any latest firmware available which is compatible with your device, then you should update it.

Remove Unwanted Applications

Every application used some storage and perform background processes while running. It means if you are installing plenty of applications, then the performance of your mobile will become slower. This is another tip to optimize your android OS by deleting the unwanted applications. You should also delete the ones which you do not use frequently.

Disable Unnecessary Applications

If you don’t want to delete some applications but want to improve the performance. Then here is the solution. You can disable all the unnecessary applications instead of deleting them. When these apps will be disabled, it means that no resource will be used by them.

Avoid Live Wallpaper

We all love live wallpapers in Android. But these wallpapers use more CPU and your battery drainage will be increased. So it is better to avoid using live wallpapers. You should go with the static ones instead of live wallpapers.

Keep Few Widgets

Applications are different from widgets. Widgets will run all the time in the background and not like applications which will run only when you click on their icons. It is better to use few widgets so that your phone performance not decrease.

Update Applications

Every application developers keep their apps active and improved by updating them. So you should update all of your applications in order to get improved performance. All the applications installed from Google Play Store can be updated by using your 3G/4G connection or by using WI-FI. The updated applications will perform better than the previous ones.

Use High-Speed Memory Card

The memory card is the place where not all but few applications data will be saved. Due to short internal storage available in android, we are restricted to install favorite applications by using memory card storage. But while buying a memory card, you should consider the speed of the memory card instead of price. If you want high-speed memory card, then always go for Class 10 memory cards which are the best.

So, these are some tips which you should apply if you are willing to optimize the android smartphone. Apply all the tips one by one and share your experience.


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