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Best Android Apps For Your Phone Or Tablet


Just got a new Android phone or tablet and looking for essential Android apps for your new pet? You’ve come to the right place. In this post, I will highlight different apps (in different categories) for your android device.


Chat Apps

Your phone is basically meant for getting in touch with your friends and loved ones. Your phone will definitely have a messaging app with a dialer built into it. However, it may not have online messenger together with calling services that can enable you to contact your loved ones over an internet connection. Below are the best chat apps for your android device:


  • WhatsApp: You can use it to send and receive free messages, photos, videos and video messages over the internet. WhatsApp web is also available for synchronizing your messages between your phone and laptop or PC.


  • Skype:           This provides a video chat service. It is useful if you don’t have iPhones and iPads. It offers you the opportunity to speak face-to-face with people that are miles away from where you are.


Social Media Apps

A list of my favorite social media apps for Android phones and tablets include:


  • Facebook: When downloading this, also download “Facebook Messenger” which is useful for sending private messages.


  • Twitter


  • Snapchat: This is the latest trending app in the social media scene.


  • LinkedIn: This app is more of a professional social media platform.


  • Instagram: you can share your photos with this app.


  • Pinterest


TV, Film and Video Apps

You can enjoy the large and high-resolution screens built with the new Android devices by watching TV, video and films. Some of the apps that can be used for this purpose include:


  • YouTube


  • TVCatchUp: It is used for live-streaming of UK freeview channels.


  • BBC iPlayer


  • Virgin TV Anywhere: This is offered by Virgin.
  • Netflix: This offers an online film-streaming service and charges about 7 pounds. This subscription enables you to watch lots of films within the subscription period.


Other apps in this category include IMDB, BBC Sport and Sky Sports.


Music Apps

You can upload your entire music collection on your android phone or tablet to “Google Play Music.” This will give you access to the collection anytime. My favorite apps in the music category include:


  • BBC iPlayer Radio: This is an online radio service. Simply plug in your earphones to act as the aerial.


  • Spotify: It is a popular online music-streaming service.


  • SoundCloud: This is used for finding new music.


  • Shazam


Reading Apps

Another area where you can take advantage of the large screen of android phones (apart from watching movies) is reading books or magazines. Below are some apps in this category.


  • Readly: It is a subscription-based online magazine where you can read lots of magazines for a one-time fee. You can actually start with a free trial.


  • Amazon Kindle: It is the best app when it comes to getting books in all walks of life. It is available for all Android devices.


Photograph Apps

If you are a fan of photography and will love to capture those memorable moments on your android device, here are the best apps to use:


  • Snapseed: it offers top-notch and professional controls that are highly responsive to a fingertip.


  • Instagram


Are there other apps you’re find of which were not mentioned here? Drop their names and their functions in the comment section below. Note that you can download all these apps from the Google Play Store.


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