According to the reports from Apple world wide Developer conference of 2017, the emergence of a smart Apple Homepod will hit the market pretty soon. This device is programmed to reinvent home music exposure thus giving you the best of an exhilarating musical experience. It is believed that with the Apple Homepod, you are in for an amazing audio quality musical experience at the comfort of your home and if you are the introvert type like me, it only means you can now do home clubbing.

The Apple homepod consist of a multi tweeter array which allows you to appreciate the high and low sound emission clearly from any part of the room. This feature gives the device a competitive edge to most speaker designs which are single tweeter immersed. Apple homepod is built to be functional in optimizing the acoustic sounds it delivers. According to Tim Cook, “the innovation is an attempt to reinvent home music experience. It is similar to the Sonos music speaker but a lot more with advanced and cutting technologies like the ability to tell weather forecast, and an A8 power chip which makes the device to give you an enhanced woofer mechanics.”


  • SIRI: Apple homepad is powered by Siri home assistant IOS which allows this innovation to be able to function on voice commands because Siri powers it. It tends to give you answers to everyday home questions like weather forecast, News, and timers. Apple homepod allows you to change a particular song been played from afar even though it is still playing at a resonant frequency. Siri makes it easy for it to pick up your voice command from any part of the house because it is internet compatibility designed.
  • Home kit platform: The Apple Homepod devices allows you make commands which are embedded in your Home kits platform by simply telling Siri what to do like controlling your Philip hue lighting bulbs and Nest thermostat by just a command.
  • Broad Music Access: The Apple homepod innovations allow you to access Apple music library, which comprises of over 30 million variety of music. It gives you the opportunity to listen to latest music by your favorite artists.
  • Security: According to Apple, homepod uses local recognition which is encrypted and only listens to Siri’s So in this regard, your information is highly protected and secured because your privacy is paramount.


  • Apple homepod gives you a much better sound experience compared to other sound systems from Sonos with the enhanced woofer mechanics. It provides you with a loud and a room shaking bass experience
  • Time-saving: This device allows you to concentrate more on you daily task while enjoying your preferred music by simply adhering to your command from any part of the room you are working from not necessarily where the homepod is situated.
  • Multiple purposes: Apple homeepod isn’t only for music playing, it tells you the time, acts as reminder, and helps in powering home appliances as well
  • Educative: The homepod is designed to answer some questions about the weather forecast, and current news thus helps in educating you as

Apple homepod is not yet in the market but will be available by December this year. This innovation by Apple will be most appreciated by those who are making use of Apple’s smartphones already for it is believed not to be compatible with other devices. Apple has not said anything about it being able to work on any other music service platforms besides Apple music, and this might limit its quick penetration into the market.

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