Do you know that with the new Apples watch series 3; you now have a new cardiologist in town?

The launching of the Apple watch series 3 takes general well-being to a new level, as it has been said Umpteen; a healthy man is a wealthy man. The Apple watch series 3 comes with a barometric altimeter, which assists you to track your fitness activities, flights climbed, and outdoor workout. This apple watch is said to be built with a heart rate application which gives you more insight to your heart rate, including measurements during walking, breath sessions, and working out. This only means that the Apple new watch series is your fitness coach.

Are you aware that Cancer affects more than half a million lives in the United States alone? Over weight is said to cause 90,000 cancer deaths per year.

Apple watches series with the fusion of the watch OS4 features, a proactive Siri watch system that displays the actual information you will need on your daily routine. An improved workout application that sticks with you in developing an all round fitness routine, as your body mass index increases so do your risk of cancer and death from cancer. Overweight can be associated with physical inactivity, which the Apple watch series 3 workout applications are built to do. To provide you with a high-intensity interval training workout app, that is customized to get you active and invariably helps you to keep a healthy weight, which contributes to minimizing your chances of having diabetics, cancer, and miscarriages.

This new Apple watch comes with a Gym kit, which allows you to connect to your favorite cardio equipment thus experiencing a dual synchronization of data with just an easy tap; which culminates in the most highly accurate information dissemination possible. Cardiovascular diseases come with a lot of subtle symptoms that are not easy to detect, these symptoms include:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue

The best way to address cardiac issues is an early detection; which with the Apple watch heart rate application provides an everyday insight on the functionality of your heart. Therefore, if there is any abnormality, the device only, craves your indulgence.


The Apple watch S3 features a faster dual core processor, and it comes in two models; one with  GPS and cellular and the other just GPS; both having fused with an enhanced 70 percent dual processor, and both come with a wireless chip. According to Jeff Williams; Apple’s Chief Operating Manager: “we believe that the addition of cellular will transform the way people use the Apple watch 3 series. This device is powered by watchOS4, which gives you the freedom to stream over 35 million songs straight from your wrist. With the fusion of watch OS4 (watch operating system 4), it will enable a quicker app launch and a much more internet experience. The Apples watch series with GPS and cellular is about $399, and the GPS watch series is valued at $329.

Apple provides bigger and better platforms for technological innovations, so it is pertinent for you to key into Apples innovative world.

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