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There has been quite a buzz going around about the upcoming iPhone 8. A lot of people have been either disappointed or actually very pleased by the launch of the iPhone 7. But there has also been a rumor swirling around that the iPhone 8 might not be having the digit 8 but will be introduced by an alphabet ‘X’. That’s right. iPhone X is probably going to be next in line for Apple. The company however has promised that the phone is going to be ‘Yuge’. The term yuge is not definitely related to its big size but rather the number of enormous features the all new iPhone will be equipped with.

With loads of features packed, iPhone X as usual is going to target some groundbreaking for its competitors. If the rumors are half true, the iPhone X will use an all new “laser sensor” that will have the astonishing ability of identifying facial features. It will tackle your eyeball and help you scroll through the content automatically by detecting the movement of your eyes. Also according to the new report, iPhone X will yet again have a rounded display, also known as the curved OLED that takes up the whole front of the device. It will enhance the chances for screen smudges and it truly sounds great to us.

Next falls in line, a very noticeable and prominent change in the model that is going to be quite uncomfortable for regular iPhone users. The phone will have the legendary circular home button, its earpiece on the top and the camera to be supposedly embedded directly into the iPhone X’s screen. What it means, is that the device will be completely smooth and have no buttons no holes. Nothing will be even embossed and it actually sounds pretty sleek. The phone will also be equipped with new features like an unspecified form of facial and/or gesture recognition tech. There will be new infrared and laser sensors near the front-facing camera. If any of you while reading this thought that the headphone jack is back, then no we must tell you that it’s not. This and many other changes that will clearly be noticed in the hardware and the software also the apps packed in will make iPhone X are new diva in town. So by moving from LCD to OLED, curving the edges and ditching the bezels to make it get as sleek as possible, iPhone is hopefully ready to take next step towards a very bold and all new redesign. Other details however are becoming old news. This year two other handsets will be released that will be a 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch iPhone 7S and the 7S Plus. These are going to have small improvements from 2016’s iPhone 7.

With 7S in line and iPhone 8 or otherwise rumored as the iPhone X. Apple is going to target their users just like they always do and that is by surprise. Apple is going to take a risk by this all glass model and if the rumors are going to get half true then just like always, the company is going to manage making their users happy and sad, both at the same time.

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