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2012 Retina Macbook Repair:

How many times you went to Apple store with you machine and they provide you with little help or no help at all? Yes, they are there to sell you a new machine and not to help you with your current computer when you spilled something on it or you dropped it and it caused hardware to stop functioning properly. They want a fast solution and it is much easier for them just to go ahead and sell you a new machine and make everyone happy. However, not everyone can afford a new Macbook Pro for $1,000 that is why we are here to help you with your Apple Macbook if you are having difficulties. Recently, I had a client who explained me that Apple genius bar offer little help or no help at all with their water damage equipment and they went online to look for other solutions and then they came across Fast Geekz. Our technicians were there to help them and repair their machine within a few days! Apple genius bar told them their machine is beyond a repair and they will need to buy a new machine in order to fix their problem. However, they were skeptical about it and went online to find a company/person that could help them out. Fast Geekz was able to recover their files and fix their machine under $300!! When Apple says NO, we say YES! Call us today (847) – 721 – 3855. We will attach some pictures and show you how we can handle any problem with any apple macbook that you have! Thank you for reading out client success story and have a beautiful day!

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