In the words of  Steve Jobs; “I want to put a ding in the universe, ” and thus with the unveiling of the new Apple iPhone 8 plus, iPhone X, and the new Apple watch series 3, the Apple community is putting one hell of a ding in the universe.

The Apple’s iPhone 8 will be open for pre-order on the 15th of September and shipments start 22nd of September. This device will be the first to hit the market before the overly anticipated iPhone X, with the facial recognition technology fusion. Deducing from the words of Phil .W. Schiller, the Senior Vice President of World Wide Marketing at Apple Int, on the 12th of September 2017, he emphasized that the Apple iPhone 8 series will be the best at the video; with faster frame rate and real time image analysis. Also, he buttressed that the iPhone 8 smartphone will give a better experience when it comes to slow motion videos.

The Apple iPhone 8 is built With a 12 mega pixel rear camera which enables you to create lightening effects of a real studio while in portrait mode and it comes in a variety of colors; jet black, I black, silver, rose gold, gold, and product red. It is embedded in augmented reality. Thus this will play a significant role in Apple iPhone 8 comprising of real time statistics during baseball games or constellation rendering when staring the blue sky. It comes with a glass back design and a 4.7-inch Retina Display; it is fused with the latest iOS11 which will increase Siri’s intelligent. But the real time functions and an enhanced internet speed would not be essential if the smartphone were without the A11 bionic chips.

What are the A11 bionic chips about?

The A11 bionic chips as explained by Apple is the most powerful and smartest intelligent chip ever embedded in a smartphone. It comprises of a six core CPU well-tailored designs and performance core of about two, which invariably increases the speed of the phone, and four cores that are efficiency built thus it is about 70 percent than the previous A10 fusion. Hence,

providing a platform for a leading performance and energy efficiency.

Apple also infused a Graphics processing unit, which is integrated by A11, which helps to release the functions of the CPU and have it confined to a much-stipulated functions. Therefore, there will be efficiency and longer lasting smartphone battery. The GPU has an avalanche of parallel designs comprising of smaller and more efficient cores, and it is built to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

What does the A11 bionic integrated Graphics processing unit entail for your iPhone 8 series?

  • Optimization of Siri: These will optimize the functions of the already intelligent user support, Siri, encouraging machine learning. Therefore, Siri will have the latitude to understand more about your schedules, taste in music, even if embedded. The looming Apple’s home port will be an exceptional experience.
  • Augmented reality, and with the GPU an improved battery life is guaranteed.
  • It entails a much faster and better internet experience.

Apple’s iphone8 is IP67 certified, which implies that it will be able to hold on to rain, dust, and submersion in water. It comes in two models; 64GB and 256GB capacity and is pegged at a price of $699. The Apple’s iphone8 designs come with a glass back which means you can charge it wirelessly, and it is Qi standard;  which is the future of smartphone charging. The iPhone 8 series has a much louder speaker than iPhone 7 series; “the iPhone will be the most durable glass ever in the smartphone history” according to Phil Schiller

There is only one thing stronger than all the armies of the world, and that is an idea of whose time has come? With the introduction of the new iPhone 8 and 8 plus to the smartphone market, other competitors like Samsung have to up the antics to stay relevant in the ever dominating smartphone market by Apple.

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