Apple in collaboration with Hertz


Apple is in partnership with Hertz Global Holding through the hiring of some fleet of cars to examine auto-driving technology. This agreement is aim at boosting I phone’s competitiveness with its competitors.

Although the spokesperson for Apple and a representative of Hertz refused to comment on the deal between both companies, the reports discharged as of late by the California Department of Motor Vehicles, among the cars that are being rented by the Apple producer is Lexus RX450h vehicles from the renowned Hertz’s Dolen fleet administration unit. The document received by apple which gave them permission to test the three self-driving vehicles indicated Apple as the leaseholder, and Donlen as the giver of the cars. And it is also imperative to state that, around six cars have been spotted on the open road of San Francisco Bay test running the self-driving technology of Apple in about a year ago.

Both companies are using this medium to improve automated vehicle technology, as Apple knows the importance, and worth of self-driving cars, and the future its hold. Although this kind of technology is not widespread or used in many countries, Apple does not want to be left out in this unique technology.

Apples have continued to expand it auto technologies regardless of the issues that they have passed through over the earlier year, so they appointed Bob Mansfield as the head of the auto-driving assembly team known as Project Titan internally. He oversaw the cutting down the number of staff, and rather than building cars that would need full human effort to drive, and he concentrated on the development of a robust autonomous driving system. Tim Cook, who is the Chief Executive officers affirmed that independent system is the focus of Apple automotive.

This deal between Hertz and Apple is hoped to set Hertz on the recovery path, where they suffer some financial loss, their stock dropped by more than 75% over the year, due to reduced revenue, and profit loss. Investors are also concerns about the role that renter organizations will play in an industry where ride-hailing and self-driving car plays a greater role.

This effort by these two company shows that the importance of the automotive industry to the world cannot be overemphasized. There are advantages that self-driving vehicles possess;

  • It gives you more free time, as you would be free to make most of your time spent inside your car count.
  • Traffic congestion would be reduced, as it will take lesser time to get to your destination, which would create more time for other productive things.
  • Roads will be safer; if most of the cars on the roads of the main cities in the world were self-driving, there would be a drastic fall of roads accident. There is enormous potential in making the roads safer, and this is the one big reasons why companies like Apple is investing into this field.

Apple knows that the era of self-driving cars is now and here, and will ultimately change the lives of the world population hugely. Thus they are very keen on not just expanding their automotive technology, but also want to make their presence heavily felt.

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