With the advancement in science and technology we are encountering many gadgets and devices every day. These gadgets have made our lives easier and more relaxed. One great example of the latest technology is the raspberry pie.

The raspberry pi is here to totally revamp the tech world. The device is stealing limelight since its launch. The newest raspberry pi model is here and only costs $5 which is extremely cheap. It measures 65 mm which is an excellent characteristic. The latest model allows the user to make their micro projects more effective, best thing about this device is that you do not have to compromise on the quality.

The raspberry pi is not only doing wonders for hackers and hobbyists but it is also helping the students. Even the school children are getting benefits from it.

Raspberry pi has millions of users. We are listed some of them below which will surely help you to get a stronger understanding of this miracle device

  1. Xbox zero:

The raspberry pi is so tiny that it can get fixed anywhere. A programmer came up with an extremely innovative idea. He inserted the device into an Xbox controller. By using different software he was able to make new consoles for games. The controlled was looped back in the device. After this installation process you can play games in HMDI

  1. Tea-Pi:

Have you ever thought of brewing your tea with a tiny device like this?

This project was designed by James Pavur who participated in the 2014 Hack day Prize. The main idea was to make tea by using the new raspberry pi device.

You just have to adjust the timing for brewing and temperature and you will get amazing tea in no time. The device will work with the kettle which is connected to also has the ability to measure and maintain the temperature. Tell the Raspberry Pi for how long and at what temperature you want your tea brewed, and the Pi will activate the connected kettle, measure the temperature, and lower the tea in with a servo motor. Thanks to technology, now you can enjoy a cup of tea with less human efforts.

3) Raspberry Tor Router

The device has the ability to work with your router as well. You can also connect your router with the raspberry pi. It will allow the router to send all network traffic through tor. An additional advantage is that you can also attach a battery to it and can take it anywhere you go.

So these were some uses of raspberry pi. There are endless other uses as well. So go buy yourself this amazing device and make your life easier because this gadget is guaranteed to make a difference in your live.


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