A Phone, Best Fit for Military


We’ve been all hearing about the phones that are blowing and are causing some damage to their consumers and the company’s manufacturing them. But obviously with the rising amount of all of the sensitive smart phones one needs a gadget that is tough, that can stand all of the pressure and the daily life shocks that you give when your phone is in your pocket. Or the one that can accompany you as you go into the places that have harsh environment. If you’re looking for anything like that then we must tell you that your search must come to an end because the leading Japanese brand Kyocera has accomplished, making something that will be just right for your requirement.

The borderline absurd Torque X01, is our new ridiculously strong hunk in town. The Torque is a flip phone with just a couple applications situated towards climbing and other open air exercises, with information on climate, temperature, height and barometric weight. You’ll need to flip open the flip phone to cooperate with it, however applicable data can likewise be reflected to the front screen so you read it while the telephone is shut. The phone is designed in such a way that it also looks tough when you have a look at its core features and the outer area. If you think this is where Torque is done, then you’re absolutely wrong. This phone is going to be called The Military Phone soon.

Since the main feature that company is selling is toughness according to Kyocera, the phone passed the U.S Department of Defense’s 18 categories of Military Standard 810G durability testing. That means it was able to take on the heavy rain of 1.7mm/minute and that too for 30 minutes on the clock from a total of 6 different directions. It also dominated the immersion in water for the same amount of time for a depth of five feet. Sand and dust particles were faced by it for 6 hours. The phone was also able to cope up with the rapid temperature changes of -21°C and 50°C. However, Kayocera is not the only company that manufactures tough phones. Catepillar is another very famous brand that has been previously in contact with the military to make the CATphones. The Torque so far is only being sold in Japan but if you’re looking for something tough and stylish both at the same time, it should be your choice.


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Picture credits: http://computerhoy.com/noticias/moviles/torque-x01-asi-es-telefono-indestructible-kyocera-58856