5G is Coming in 2017

Internet has become blazing fast now a days and technology is improving by introducing new telecommunication standards.

As 3G (3rd Generation) introduced speed of internet increased amazingly fast. Its speed approximated upto 384 kbits/s for WCDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access). With the introduction of 3G video streaming and Internet surfing became much reliable, advanced and easier. Web technology also got improved giving an advanced look and feel to websites.

3G was fast but it was not so fast to face the requirements of rapidly changing world of technology. Then 4G LTE came with its extremely fast internet and telecommunication capabilities. 4G is still thought as a technology that definitely have future. With the introduction of 4G, many technology companies started to invent new devices and gadget to make life easier. Internet attained the fastest speed in the History. Self-Driving cars, Fast Algorithms, Drones, Fast Communication Satellites, Smooth Video Calling became the part of this world of technology. Download speed of 4G is between 5 to 12 Mbps (Downloading) and 2 to 5 Mbps (uploading).

4G is called LTE or Long Term Evolution and considered the technology that cannot be replaced by any other technology in future but Necessity is the mother of Invention and Scientists are feeling that it is necessary now that 4G should be replaced by some other extra fast technology in telecommunication. The 5G technology is going to be madly fast with 3.6Gbps speed. Think of downloading a 1080p quality movie in a single blink of eye. Isn’t that really amazing? It will also potentially increase the hot trends in technology with virtual reality calling, self-driving taxis, self-driving ambulances and Amazon’s delivery drones.

5G is expected to be deployed commercially in couple of upcoming years which will overcome the 4G LTE with its lightning fast speed. It is also seeming to revolutionized the telecommunication sector and Internet. Qualcomm has been reported testing 5G communication on drones so far. you’ll likely hear people from across the tech industry talk about the benefits of 5G.

“It’s going to be a pretty big deal and It’ll be the underlying technology of many of the things discussed at CES.” said Glenn Laxdal, head of Ericsson’s North American Tech unit.

It is also reported that Verizon Wireless got the hype train rolling late previous year when it said it would be the first to deploy field trials and commercially deploy 5G. AT&T followed this suit, and said earlier this month that AT&T is testing 5G for a single business customer in Austin, Texas.

CES (Consumers Electronic Show) trade show is going to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada in January 2017 just like every year. Qualcomm is heading to make some announcements and it is said that 5G will be the centerpiece of Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf’s key address at CES. He’ll make the case for its societal and economic benefits, and he’ll share the stage with leaders from other industries to showcase how 5G will affect areas outside mobile. His goal is, “start nudging 5G toward the mainstream”.


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