10 Most Debatable Apps You Can Download On iOS

Despite the millions of apps available for iPhone, there are still some that are controversial thereby making tongues to wag.

The reasons for these controversies vary from app to app. It may be due to the features of the app such as ‘Weed Farmer’ (it is a game that lets you enhance the cultivation of marijuana). Some of the controversies are also caused by the users. An example of this is found in Yik Yak, which has promoted racist posts as a result of the anonymity associated with it.

A list of some of the most controversial apps that you can download on the iOS platform are highlighted in this article.


  1. Weed Farmer

It is a game which tasks you to grow and harvest marijuana. It reached the top of the App Store within a short time of its release. With this game, you own a cannabis farm and then progress to become a successful marijuana farmer.

  1. Lulu

Lulu encourages women to anonymously objectify men. It empowers women to rate men (they know on Facebook) using the scale of 1 to 10. Hashtags can also be used, for instance; #Big Head.

  1. Ashely Madison

This encourages its married users to cheat on their partners. With this app, the users can search for married people nearby that are also looking for a ‘nice time.’

  1. Yik Yak

This is an anonymous bulletin board where everybody from all walks of life can post events around them without worrying about their identity being revealed. This sort of anonymity has made the app controversial since a lot of people have abused it. It has led to cyberbullying such as racist postings.

  1. After School

This was initially pulled from the App Store but has been restored back to the platform. It is an app that gives students the opportunity to discuss about things anonymously without the fear of being nabbed by a teacher or parent. It was ejected from the App Store after its anonymous feature was abused by students, but has now returned with safety features.

  1. The League

It is a dating app. Before you jump up for joy, it is selective in the kind of users it grants access. Most of the users of this app are either wealthy or must have attended Ivy League schools. The app will grant you access if its algorithm decides you’re successful.

  1. Luxy

This app was previously referred to as ‘Tinder, minus the poor people.’ It’s a dating app meant for the millionaires and for the 1%.

  1. Whisper

This app is used for sharing gossips and secrets. The interesting feature about this app is that these will be done anonymously. With the app, you can search for secrets or gossips that were posted nearby.

  1. Telegram

This is the app used by ISIS for messaging. It is a secured messaging app which allows you to send fully encrypted messages. The messages can self-destruct and are impossible to spy on. No wonder it is fondly embraced by ISIS and its followers since they want to hide their chats from the government.

10.  1Blocker

If you hate ads popping up on your iPhone, then you’ll love this app. 1Blocker allows you to block ads on you iPhone when you use the Apple’s mobile browser. This however is unfavorable to websites that rely solely on revenues generated from advertisement.

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